Technical office

Cutting-edge instruments and outstanding service
make Eurostampi New the ideal partner
for projects with a high technological impact

From digital to mechanics

Eurostampi New uses the most up-to-date CAD and CAM software, which allow you to program very complex machining operations up to five axes continuously down to the smallest detail.

Adopt a consolidated machining strategy capable of eliminating the vacuum movements and greatly optimize the execution time.

Thanks to special algorithms it is possible to program the elaborate processing paths and to obtain, at the end, a detailed worksheet.

The accurate simulation modules allow you to view with the utmost precision all the processes that will lead to the finished product.

Mechanics to power


The use of CAD and CAM software allows you to explore design ideas, visualize concepts with photorealistic renderings and simulate the operation of a project in the real world.

Technical office used:

  •  Workstations CAD 2D
  • Workstations CAD 3D
  • Solidworks, Solidcam, WorkNC
  • Visi, Vero Solution, pcam