Wire erosion

EDM technology

EDM technology (electro-erosion) cuts a programmed contour using a metal wire (electrode).

The wire can have different inclinations depending on the needs.

The wire is covered in copper or brass and has a diameter between 0.02 and 0.33mm.

This process guarantees high precision cutting at high speed.

Detailed and updated list of the EDM wire machines present in Eurostampi New

Robofil 440 EMC CHARMILLES X 550 mm 5-axis programmable anti-collision machine (System IPC)
    Y 350 mm Advanced conical cutting program (CNC Expert System)
    Z 400 mm  
    U 550mm  
    V 350 mm  
Wire EDM center U6 MAKINO

X 650mm

5-axis machine
    Y 450mm Makino cutting program
    Z 420mm  
    U 75mm  
    V 75mm  
Wire EDM center U86 MAKINO

X 800mm

5-axis machine
    Y 600mm Makino cutting program
    Z 500mm  
    U 100mm  
    V 101mm